90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is by far the most popular bingo game in the UK. In this version of bingo at least three players can win part of the prize pool by being the first ones to complete one line, two lines or three lines in their bingo cards.

Below is an example of how two typical 90 ball bingo cards look like:

90 Ball Bingo Cards

For each horizontal line completed the player wins the relevant prize. The more players participating in the game and the more cards they purchase the higher the jackpot. But does this mean we should choose bingo rooms with hundreds of players per game?

Some bingo players say that they prefer to play 90 ball bingo in huge bingo rooms with hundreds or thousands of players because this will guarantee higher jackpots. Some others argue that more players mean higher competition, and slimmer chances of winning (and even sharing when this happens).

Our choice lies somewhere in between. We don’t like crowded bingo rooms as chances of winning are slimmer. We are not interested in an impressive jackpot if we cannot win it. But we also don’t like very small bingo rooms where the max we can win is a few pounds per game. This is why we choose and recommend the 90 ball bingo games found at Kitty Bingo.

The range of games is impressive, players are just in the right amount, and 90 ball bingo jackpots are not won from the same people all the time. There are also 300% Bonus + 100 Free Spins for every new player. If you spend a little time on it, you ‘ll definitely see our name in the winner section. And we definitely hope to see yours.

Here is a list of our favourite 90 Ball Bingo games you can find in Kitty:

  • £100 Guaranteed – With each card costing just 2p, this 90-ball bingo will award winners at least £100 every day at 21:30 UK Time.
  • £150 Guaranteed – Every Wednesday at 21:00 UK Time.
  • £200 Boomerang – This game will return you the value of your purchased cards if you don’t win. Every Friday at 22:30 UK Time you can win at least £200, but if you are not among the winners on Monday morning you will receive a bonus equal to the value of the cards purchased for this game. Each card costs 50p.
  • £50 to £500 on Cat’s Pyjamas – Every day at 22:00 and 23:00 UK Time you can win £500 if you make a full house in 43 calls. From then one the jackpot is reduced, but at least £50 are guaranteed.
  • £100 No Limits Bingo – Every night this bingo game guarantees £100 but the jackpot can reach any number as cards are available even after the game has started.
  • £5,000 Guaranteed – Every Friday at 21:00 there is a massive jackpot with cards costing just 10p. And even players with 1 number to go (1TG) can win a share of £500.
  • £1,000 Guaranteed – Every Friday at 22:00 players can buy cards for just 5p and play for £1K.


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