75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the American version of bingo, compared to 90 Ball Bingo which is considered as a UK version.

There are a few basic differences between the two games, with the most important one being that there is only one winner in the 75 Ball version, while there are three chances to win in the 90 Ball version. The other main difference is that winner is the player(s) who complete first the highlighted pattern.

Below is how typical 75 Ball Bingo cards look like:

75 Ball Bingo Card

In this example, the pattern is a cross, but each 75 Ball Bingo game has a different pattern, some being plain and some being more complex.

The jackpot on each game is relative to the number of players participating and the amount of cards bought. Our recommendation is to avoid too busy bingo rooms as chances of winning become slimmer, and play in lower volume rooms. A non scheduled bingo game with 50-200 participants has a good jackpot and offers fair chances of winning the pot.

If you decide to play on Kitty Bingo, our bingo room of choice, you will be happy to know there are great 75 Ball Bingo games you can play. Below is a list of some scheduled ones:

  • Welcome 75 – Every Tuesday at 20:00 (UK Time) new players who made at least one deposit can participate in this game with cards costing just one penny and play for a guaranteed £75
  • Mystery Box – Find the letter M every Thursday at 9 and you can win between £50 and £100
  • Cat’s Pyjamas – One of the most popular 75 Ball Bingo games in Kitty. You can win at least £25 and up to £250 if you make a full house in your card in less than 50 calls
  • Sunday’s £100 – With cards costing just 5p, you can play for a guaranteed £100 every Sunday at 21:00 UK Time
  • £50 Free – Every day at 21:00 you can play for £50 guaranteed with no cost, this game is free for all players who made at least one deposit

There are of course more 75 Ball Bingo games at Kitty, every day, all the time. The best way to keep track of the latest promotions and opportunities is to sign up to the weekly newsletter. Just tick the box during your registration and you will be up to date with what is offered and how you can play and win it.


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